19 September 2021
Google Street Map View stroll down Bakertown Road in Antioch, where the FBI have been investigating this morning. Right on the street view image from May 2019, an RV that looks exactly like the one used
Special Agent in Charge Doug Korneski stated "there are a number of individuals we are looking at" and confirmed there is currently activity in the area of Bakertown Road in Antioch, Tennessee
Authorities with the FBI, ATF and the Metro Nashville Police Department converged in the 100 block of Bakertown Road in Antioch just after noon on Saturday
CBS News reports a law enforcement source said one theory investigators are looking at, regarding the Nashville Christmas Day explosion, is the possibility that AT&T may have been the target or some other building or infrastructure in the area of the explosion
FBI: "No other explosive devices were discovered," says FBI Agent Doug Korneski, who says more than 250 employees are currently on investigation
FBI Special Agent Doug Korenski reiterates that no additional explosive devices were discovered yesterday and doesn't feel there's an ongoing threat to the city
FBI, ATF and Nashville police are searching a home in Antioch, south of the city, in connection with the bombing
The old U.S. Pipe & Foundry building on Chestnut Street was heavily damaged in an early Saturday morning fire. See more photos and information here:
Suspect in Nashville Christmas Day bombing is a 63-year-old with an Antioch address.
FBI public affairs officer Darrell DeBusk said information developed during the course of the investigation led law enforcement to this home on Bakertown Road in Antioch
@jeffpeguescbs reports for CBS News: Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, is the person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day explosion. At least 2 tips were called in to @FBI about Warner, prior to the explosion. Quinn is a Nashville area resident
Local and federal agents are here at a home for "court authorized activity" in the 100 block of Bakertown Road, an FBI spokesman here told. Neighbors said an RV similar to the one in the explosion was parked at the home within the last 2 weeks
"The damage is shocking and it is a miracle that no residents were killed," said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee after touring the Nashville bomb blast site
Chattanooga police have arrested a suspect in a residential shooting of a man known to him on Christmas Day
Police have person of interest in custody R/T Nashville explosion. ;FBI investigating whether the bomber tried to target policemen. They were called to the area a short time before the explosion. Upon arrival, an RV was playing a recording—claiming it would explode
A law enforcement source told CBS News a person of interest has been identified in connection to the Christmas morning explosion in Nashville. The person is connected to the RV that exploded.
FAA declares skies around Nashville bombing site as 'National Defense Airspace'
Nashville explosion: Police, FBI hunt for bomber, more than $300G raised to find suspect
Here is a look at 2nd Avenue this morning. @MNPDNashville has the area blocked off for safety. At least 41 buildings are damaged
Human remains found near downtown Nashville explosion. "We have found tissue that we believe could be remains," Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said.
Metro Nashville Police Chief says 6 officers saved lives in Friday's explosion
Photos show extensive damage in downtown Nashville following a vehicle explosion that authorities believe to have been an intentional act. No significant injuries have been reported, and the FBI is taking the lead on the investigation
TBI continues investigation in Oakland officer-involved shooting, person dead identified
Working on a "declaration of a civil emergency," says @JohnCooper4Nash, explaining that at least 41 businesses "materially damaged" by #NashvilleExplosion
8 month ago
@CincyPD is investigating a suspicious RV near the Federal Building. After the events in Nashville, they are taking every precaution and bringing in explosives experts to assess the situation
8 month ago
Cincinnati Police: District 1 and CBS officers are on scene near the Federal Building on 6th Street investigating a suspicious vehicle. At this time there is nothing else indicating there is anything else of a suspicious nature
Nashville Mayor: I have signed Executive Order 12 to issue a state of civil emergency proclaimed within the area bounded by James Robertson Parkway, 4th Ave north, Broadway and the Cumberland River. A curfew will start at 4:30pm, Friday Dec 25. and be lifted Sunday, December 27 at 4:30pm
Here's relatively clear footage showing the detonation of this morning's VBIED detonation in Nashville. It appears as if the blast targeted an AT&T building, damaging network equipment & disrupting emergency services/halting flights
CBS on Law Enforcement: Human remains found near Nashville explosion site
@JoeBiden has been briefed on Nashville, via pooler @PhilipWegmann, "The president-elect and Dr. Biden thank all the first responders working today in response to the incident, and wish those who were injured a speedy recovery
Flights out of Nashville airport have been halted due to telecommunications issues associated with explosion downtown. Police say an RV exploded outside a building housing AT&T network equipment. 911 systems up to 180 miles away were knocked out
Metro police released photo showing RV that exploded at 6:30 a.m. at 2nd Ave. and Commerce. It appeared to arrive on 2nd Ave. at 1:22 a.m. Anyone who may have seen the RV in the area or has information is urged to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME
police release a photo of the RV that exploded in downtown Nashville this morning. They say it arrived on 2nd Ave just before 1:30 Christmas morning
Metro Police say this is the RV that was used in the explosion this morning in downtown Nashville. Police say it arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 a.m. If you have any information, contact CrimeStoppers at 615-742-7463 or online via
Police: This is the RV that exploded on 2nd Ave N this morning. It arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 a.m
Here's a picture taken from helicopter footage showing the extensive damage on some of the buildings as a result of this mornings VBIED detonation in Nashville. One looks at least partially collapsed
CNN: No suspect is yet in the Nashville bombing, the motives are unknown, and the warning message confirms that there is no desire to cause victims
Police: RV that exploded in Nashville was playing a recording warning that a bomb would explode in 15 minutes
Nashville PD says when officers arrived on scene early this morning they found RV with a "recording" saying the vehicle would explode in 15 minutes
Nashville Police: Officers conducted door-to-door checks and were able to get people to safety before the explosion this morning. They also diverted a man who was walking his dog on 2nd. Ave. just before the blast occurred
Bomb explodes in downtown Nashville after loudspeaker warns people to evacuate
Police arrest between 3 and 5 people in connection with the Nashville bombing
Police: One man was walking his dog on 2nd Ave. and was directed in a different direction by officers just before the RV exploded
Trump has been briefed on the explosion in Nashville, will continue to receive regular updates: White House
Police were responding to a shots fired call on 2nd Ave N. when they noticed a suspicious RV. The vehicle exploded after police called a Hazardous Devices unit to the scene to investigate
Nashville Police: There is no evidence of additional explosives at the site of the explosion
Security camera footage of a condo at the Exchange Lofts on Church Street shows the moment of the explosion in downtown Nashville. Video courtesy of Kirt Webster
Vehicle explosion on Second Avenue was intentional, Metro police say
"We do believe the explosion was an intentional act." -Don Aaron, Metro Police Spokesman on this morning's large explosion in downtownNashville. Three people transported to hospital. No significant injuries to report. ATF and FBI investigating
Nashville officials believe this explosion was an intentional act. Say they got reports of a suspicious vehicle parked outside AT&T (batman building) before it happened. Hazardous devices unit was en route with "significant explosion" happened
US media: 3 people were taken to hospitals as a result of the explosion in Nashville, but their injuries were not serious
Metro police said they believe the explosion on Second Avenue from a vehicle was intentional. Traffic to the downtown area is being restricted as the investigation continues
Joseph Pleasant with @NashvilleFD says 3 people transported to area hospitals due to injuries from the RV explosion at 2nd/Commerce this morning. Injuries are NOT life-threatening, according to Pleasant
Police spokesman says investigators believe explosion was an "intentional act." FBI & ATF are responding
Don Aaron with Metro police says it appears the RV explosion "was an intentional act." The scene at 2nd/Commerce in downtown Nashville will be active for an extensive period of time. ATF, FBI and other agencies involved in investigation
Metro police linked the explosion to a vehicle on Second Avenue
Police say an explosion linked to a vehicle happened outside a building on Second Avenue North. A 10-block radius around the explosion site has been blocked off
Fire Dept. says windows broken out from downtown Nashville explosion area to Broadway & to AVOID the area
More photos of the damage rocket fizz candy store & others Nashville
Metro Police say downtown explosion is linked to a vehicle, federal crews are also on scene
Images of downtown Nashville damage after this morning's explosion, as seen from across the river
These are pictures from 2nd Avenue south. Windows were broken out from explosion area to Broadway
Video of Nashville explosion this morning.
NFD reports 2 people were transported after the explosion - but none with wounds from the explosion. One was a cancer patient to Vandy, the other a sick person to Centennial. Both non-critical, and incidental to the event
Video of damages after explosion in Nashville, Tennessee
CONTINUING: We expect an update from fire crews shortly on the RV explosion that damaged several buildings just before 6:30AM in the area of 2nd and Commerce in downtown Nashville. We are LIVE on @WKRN and
The view from @WKRN Storm Tracker and the other side of Broadway on 2nd Ave S. Office of Emergency Management believes this was an RV explosion. They do not suspect foul play at the moment.
DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE EXPLOSION: Smoke can still be seen coming from the area of a reported explosion in downtown Nashville reported on 2nd Ave. at 5:40 Christmas morning
Bomb squad is requesting NFD personnel to put out some small fires so they can further investigate. Special OPS confirms they have received information there could be additional devices in vehicles, advising personnel to stay away from all vehicles downtown
Picture of Explosion in Nashville
Major damage to buildings close to and around scene of explosion in Nashville. Shards of glass and windows blown out hundreds of yards from 2nd Ave
Here's another video of the explosion in downtown Nashville. Again from Buck McCoy
RV explosion reported at 2nd/Commerce in downtown Nashville. Heavy police/fire crew presence. Shaking felt in Nashville and surrounding areas. No reports of injuries, according to first responders. We are live on @WKRN and
pictures of the damage as the sun comes up. Something caused a lot of damage this morning in Downtown Nashville.
Here's another video from Buck McCoy from downtown Nashville. Look at the destruction.
This is happening, in Downtown Nashville
Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management district chief said a parked RV exploded and caused damage to several buildings. No injures reported. Metro crews are working to assess damage. This is near 2nd/Commerce
Nashville waking up to an explosion Christmas Morning. Initials calls reporting structural collapse at 166 2nd Ave (Melting Pot in downtown). Officials trying to take out fire and see if anyone was inside. No injuries reported yet
Police and firefighters responded to an area near Second Avenue and Commerce Street, there was no immediate information available on whether anyone was injured
DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE EXPLOSION: Smoke seen coming from downtown Nashville after explosion reported on 2nd Ave
it’s near 2nd and commerce. Definitely an explosion. #nashville #downtown
NFD medical staging has retreated to 4th/Broadway due to building stability, and is currently treating TWO injured people, calling the rest the 'walking wounded' with non-serious injuries
Video of scenes from the explosion near 2nd Ave and Commerce St, in the heart of downtown Nashville
Police and fire attending huge explosion which shook downtown #Nashville
A building has collapsed as a result of the explosion in downtown Nashville. NFD is retreating immediately - with all personnel accounted for and evacuating the building now
Large explosion reported in DowntownNashville. These are views near 2nd/Broadway where see smoke and flames. @WKRN has a crew on the scene working to get more details.
Building is "devastated", vehicles on road are burning, NFD is about to extinguish them with water from Engine 9 - most human injuries so far are non-life-threatening
A structure is on fire downtown - searching for victims ongoing - several people walked out of upper residences on their own. preparing for multi-casualty incident, triage being staged on-site
Large explosion in downtown Nashville "heavy structural damage".. evacuting lofts at 2nd/Commerce - per Nashville Fire radio traffic - some walking out on their own - glass and steel 'EVERYWHERE'
Officers are on the scene of a shooting at 2747 Filmore Ave. One male shooting victim was located. He was xported to ROH in critical condition
TBI investigates Christmas Eve officer-involved shooting in Oakland
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